072 - That Hope Is You, Pt. 2 (DIS3x13) (with Barm, Geoff Clarke, Kregg Castillo, Sam Stovold, Sean Davis and Richard Dunham)


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It’s a Disco Party, and Jack has invited a cadre of glorious guests to celebrate his newfound freedom from the pressures of endlessly podcasting about Star Trek every week. Barm, Sam Stovold (Marvel Star Wars Explorers), Sean Davis (After the Credits), Kregg Castillo (Golden Boy?), Richard Dunham (Ghibli Minute), and an Ape-on in the form of Geoff Clarke (The ApeCast), are all here to dish on the finale and their thoughts on Season 3 in general. This megasize episode is more exciting than the BURN, and will surely resonate throughout subspace for all eternity.

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