PICARD BONUS #3 - Star Trek: Picard - The Dark Veil, by James Swallow (with Barm and Sean Davis)


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Rike Strike! Jack and Barm, and making his Trek book castin’ debut, Sean Davis, get together to talk Riker, Picard and the ten pages or so of material in the novel that bear his name, Star Trek: Picard: Dark Veil! It’s another big boy, as the Riker Boyz gab about the Jazari, the Titan, and Romulans, Romulans, Romulans! They also weigh in on heady topics, like the continuity of culturally accepted emotional displays, conspiracy theories and their disruptive effect on culture (and whether that’s fun to read about or not), 1995 PC games, childhood, and FISH. Riker didn’t steer us wrong, and he won’t steer you wrong either.

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