064 - Cricket scores, someone who drove off a cliff and Karl Stefanovic’s wedding (with Jana Perkovic, Assemble Papers)


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This week! We’re going through our open tabs and will be discussing corporate vegetarianism, the future of retail, and how to build a functional home.

Helping us bring some outside perspective today is our special guest Jana Perkovic.

Jana is the editor of Assemble Papers, a Melbourne-based magazine about small footprint living across art, architecture, design, environment, and financial matters, which neatly brings together her background in urbanism and her interest in telling stories through media. She has worked in urban policy in Brussels and in place-making through art in Berlin, and she also works as a researcher in urban design and planning policy at the University of Melbourne. To make sure both sides of her brain get used, she also has a side gig as a performing arts critic and dramaturg. Jana writes a long-standing column on theatre for The Lifted Brow, and co-creates Audiostage, a podcast of conversations with creatives. Basically, she’s amazing.

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