What is a Whole Life Insurance Policy? with Teresa Kuhn


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“You build your life with your decisions, and your decisions not only impact you but your family and others associated with you, so make sure you make decisions based on your values,” - Gino Barbaro.

In this episode, founders Gino Barbaro and Teresa Kuhn elaborate on key differentiators of a 100 Year whole life policy versus traditional policies.

Key Insights:

  • A properly-designed life insurance policy doesn’t just provide death benefit coverage, but several other benefits including access to your cash value to finance investments, pay for college, vacations and other high-ticket items. · With a term insurance rider on a whole life insurance policy, you can reduce the cost of insurance, enabling your cash value to grow faster.
  • Each Member of the 100 Year REI Team is a Bank on Yourself® Professional, and are experts in the Infinite Banking Concept®. We’re licensed and service clients nationwide. All Team Members collectively own 35 policies and specialize in working with Real Estate Investors.

Let us show you how a specially-designed policy by our team can work for you. If this sounds like you, start the process now! Schedule a call directly with our team to get started today: https://100yearrei.com/callnow/

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