CC - Persistence & Education as a business plan with Jarod & Dayne Conley


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In this episode of Movers & Shakers Josh & Gino interview Jarod & Dayne Conley. Topics touched on include:

  • Why persisting in the face of adversity is key to success
  • The two ways to learn this business.
  • The importance of having a good partner

Jarod & Dayne’s Bio

Jarod & Dayne grew up in the small town of Crestline, OH. Jarod is a dermatologist and has spent the past four years in Operations for a large, multi-specialty medical group. Dayne resides in Columbus where he has launched multiple successful businesses including multiple physical therapy clinics, a thriving home care agency and a lecture circuit.

Jarod & Dayne partnered in 2018 to form Aspen Realty Group. Dayne operates as the CEO and is in charge of creating new real estate opportunities and partnerships with other real estate professionals. Jarod focuses on running Operations for Aspen Realty Group.​

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