How To Reconnect With Your Spouse After Twenty Years Of Marriage


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Jim and Francesca are from Westchester County, NY. where they live with their two beautiful children. Francesca has been a school teacher for 22 years. Jim has been working with the Westchester Teamsters in the heavy construction industry for 23 years. They have been investing in real estate since 2002. They both realized the power of real estate after purchasing their first home, rehabbing and leveraging it to acquire their first investment property. Jim and Francesca are currently partnered in 75 units and actively looking to acquire properties in the southeast. Their goal is to educate and help others learn how they can create passive income through real estate investing. They enjoy spending time with family, traveling, the beach, and lending a helping hand.

In this episode, Jim & Francesca share with the listeners how their relationship has grown and thrived for the past twenty two years. They both credit their communication and trust as two reasons that have allowed them to grow and to continue on their journey of personal development.

They also made it clear that it takes work and effort to have an amazing marriage. They both share a couple of tips on how to raise responsible and empowering children who can make tough decisions as they enter adulthood.

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