MFZ - Simplicity and Rhythms to Guide your Family with Rick and Melissa Sapio


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Since 1994, Rick has been CEO of MCA, an investment holding company which has made more than 100 investments. Rick married Melissa back in 2006 and they have four children ages 12, 10, 8, and 6. Their commitment to themselves and their family is one that we should all aspire to.

Rick & Melissa’s message is simple, yet very difficult for most families to execute upon. Simplicity and rhythms are two keys that they credit for their family success. What does he mean by that?

Their goal as parents is to raise a god fearing, independent child who can enter the world and take full responsibility for their actions. Rick was envisioning married and family life even before he was married. He took responsibility for who he married, and for how him and his wife chose to raise their family. Together, Rick & Melissa created a family place mat that contains their family's core values, mission statement and other important virtues that they follow on a routine basis.

The couple share with the listeners the decisions that will lead to an amazing family life, and how to raise happy and independent children.

To create your own family place mat, visit Family Place Mat.

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