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Grant Frailich is the Founder of The Pride Tree,a nonprofit focused on supporting LGBTQ+ youth and allies. Club Pride Tree provides Las Vegas youth with identity-based afterschool programming. At Club Pride Tree, we discuss topics such as navigating the coming out process, LGBTQ+ history, LGBTQ+ representation in pop culture, and how to be an ally. Our programming is inclusive for individuals of all gender identities and sexualities. Our programming is also accessible as we offer it directly to participants, on site, at schools.
Pride Tree Mentoring
pairs middle and high school students with college students and young professionals. For example, we offer a "pre-law" mentoring cohort in which middle and high school students interested in becoming lawyers are paired with a pre-law student and working lawyer to better understand the academic career path necessary to obtain a career within law.
​Camp Pride Tree
provides LGBTQ+ youth and allies with all the benefits of a traditional summer camp experience without the typical gender norms which accompany summer camp! Camp Pride Tree builds self-esteem, leadership skills, a sense of community, confidence, self-reliance, the opportunity to meet lifelong friends, escape the pressures of school for a while and a chance to be a kid!
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Grant Frailich


  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 1:53 - Who is Grant Frailich & what is The Pride Tree?
  • 7:31 - After School Programming
  • 10:30 - Pride Tree Board Members
  • 12:20 - Reason Behind The Pride Tree
  • 16:33 - LGBTQ Las Vegas
  • 19:30 - Scaling
  • 24:21 - City Partnerships
  • 28:26 - Manscaped Promo
  • 32:42 - Pronouns, Gender Fluidity, Dead-naming
  • 38:00 - Ben Shapiro's Pronoun Debate
  • 48:30 - Double Standards
  • 51:30 - The "Coming Out" Process
  • 55:00 - Right's Movements
  • 58:00 - Upcoming Events
  • 59:35 - What does Las Vegas mean to you?

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