78: Jardine and Amanda authors of The Sober Lush


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Janey interviews best selling authors Jardine Libaire and Amanda Eyre Ward on the new book The Sober Lush, a hedonists guide to living a decadent wild and soulful life - alcohol free
Buy it here https://amzn.to/36Do9V2
Especially in the early days its so important to stay inspired, and great quit lit (and podcasts) really help! So does staying connected so please check out The Sober Club. We are holding regular coaching calls and meet-ups on zoom, one member wrote in our private group...
'It was also lovely to meet some of you last night. Part of the reason I joined this group was to find somewhere I could be honest because for me Drinking everyday wasn’t the problem but binge drinking and where it could still lead me after all these years. I knew I had to be open about is if I stood any chance of making the changes and it is such a relief!
Thank you also for your honesty and letting me know I am not alone with this ridiculous behaviour. It is lovely to feel really connected to a group already '
A sober club member
Join us here.
Please note we will be closing the doors of the club for a while while we roll out some great new developments for members so now is a good time to join!
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