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In this video, you can learn IMPORTANT words for JLPT N5 with native and practical pronunciation.

Those words/vocab are often LISTED UP in some official textbooks for JLPT.

Today's topic is Health.

Relax, and just listen before sleep :)


【📝 Vocabulary list & Practical Tips】

topic ~Health~

- からだ (体): body 🤸🏻 →*There are 2 Kanji for からだ, 体 and 身体. Not big differences, but 体 means only for "body", and 身体 means for "human's body and spirit".

- からだにいい (体に良い): good for one's health 🧘🏻‍♂️ →*いい means good.

- ちょうし (調子): condition →ex) ちょうしがいい。The condition is good.

- つかれる (疲れる): tired 😵

- ねむい (眠い): sleepy 😴 →ex) 私は眠い。I'm sleepy.

- はやく (早く): early

- たいへんな (大変な): terrible

- さいきん (最近): recently →or we would say このごろ.

- しんぱいする (心配する): worry 💭

- たばこ (煙草): cigarettes 🚬

- すう (吸う): smoke →ex) たばこをすう。I smoke cigarettes.

- きんえん (禁煙): No smoking🈲

- だいじょうぶな (大丈夫な): fine, okay 👍🏻 →ex) だいじょうぶです。I'm okay.

- むりな (無理な): unreasonable

- ダイエット: diet →just to lose weight.

- おもいだす (思い出す): remember

- さびしい (寂しい): lonely 😿

- ひさしぶり (久しぶり): Long time no see. →お久しぶりです。is more polite.

- げんきですか? (元気ですか?): Are you doing well ?

- おかげさまで (お陰様で): Thanks to you

- きぶんがいい (気分が良い): feel good🕺🏻 →*きぶん means feeling.

- きぶんがわるい (気分が悪い): feel bad

- やっきょく (薬局): pharmacy 💊

- きをつける (気をつける): be careful 👀

- よくなる (良くなる): become better 🔥 →*なる means become.

⏩Listen to the video again and again, then you will memorize easily 🌟

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