Buckets- Ep.29- Runaway Besaw


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On this week's episode of Buckets Kearns, Kyle and Besaw round out their top 5 positional lists with the top 5 Centers of all time. Afterwards the Buckets crew rips into the terrible ESPN top 25 under 25 list (that has LaMelo Ball at No.3), and goes over what else they would change on the list. During this segment Kearns and Kyle are abandoned by Besaw. Now with just Kearns and Kyle remaining the two talk about some recent NBA news like the Hornets injuries to star players and Boogie Cousins and IT getting 10-day contracts. They also talk about the future of the Memphis Grizzlies and the impact of Ja Morant. Ending things off as always is a special two man draft, where Kyle and Kearns build their squads from all time second round picks. . . . Buckets LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch on JDF Sports Wednesdays at 7:00p ET.

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