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Ben's site: Deals on Ben's books: THIS IS A PARTIAL LIST OF SOME OF THE FAMOUS/INTERESTING PEOPLE BEN GAY III HAS KNOWN AND WORKED WITH OVER THE YEARS. MOST WORKED FOR HIM EITHER FULL-TIME, AS MENTORS, AND/OR IN SEMINARS. Dr. Napoleon Hill (“Think & Grow Rich”) William Penn Patrick (Holiday Magic Cosmetics) Earl Nightingale (“The Strangest Secret”) Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (Minister/Author/Speaker) Dr. Maxwell Maltz (Author/Speaker) Og Mandino (Author/Speaker) Bill Gove (Speaker/Wilson Learning) Larry Wilson (Author/Speaker/Wilson Learning) Wade Cannon (Mentor/Speaker/Human Behavioral Scientist) Charlie Manson (Infamous “Manson Family” Leader) Cal Worthington (Automobile Marketing Genius) Jim Newman (Founder PACE Seminars/”Comfort Zones”) J. Douglas Edwards (Speaker/”Sales Closing Power”) Paul Meyer (Success Motivation Institute [SMI]) James H. Rucker Jr. (Greatest Salesman ever) Hal Krause (American Sales Masters Seminars) Apollo 15/16/17 #Astronauts Ray Considine (Speaker/Author/Mentor/”WAYMISH”) Show notes: 2:27 Jeff talks about one of his favorite and (most helpful in his career) sales THE CLOSERS 3:19 some of the famous, interesting people Ben Gay lll has known and worked with over the years; Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Norman Vincent Peale, Dr.Maxwell Maltz, Og Mandino, Apollo 15 -16-17. Astronauts... 14:17 Ben was mentored by Dr. Napolean Hill. $500,000 per year in today's dollars. 16:09 Zig came in second in a sales contest. 23:31 Earl Nightingale and Napolean Hill working for Ben. 29:36 Ben's credentials 35:19 Comfort zones 37:21 September 15 1965 38:31 Ben called a newspaper ad at a phone booth and his life and career took off from there! 53:00 Crazy happenings at speaking engagements! 55:13 a speaker died ON STAGE! (and killed it!) 1:17:08 Police found his sister in the bathtub! 1:13:19 each step in a process is a sale 1:18:30 THE CLOSERS part 1 1:19:42 sales infiltration. 1:21:45 Jimmy Rucker (greatest salesman in the world) reached into a customer's inner jacket pocket for his checkbook! 1:22:39 Jeff took a watch off of a customer's wrist as a deposit to hold a Bentley!

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