JW Ep 159- Mark Normand Vol. 2


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Mark Normand and I go LIVE on Stereo from New York and LgAy and we discuss his very gay DMs, the gayest thing we've ever done, and we get asked on the spot if Tim Dillon is actually gay?! What's the difference between Asian pubes and Kansas pubes? We answer this. You gotta check out his epic Morning Talk Show appearances and his 1 Hour Standup Comedy special Out To Lunch, which you can watch for free on Youtube here!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDolNU89SXI&t=139s #MarkNormand #TuesdaysWithStories #JeremiahWonders Watch Jeremiah's new 1 Hour Special here!: https://comedydynamics.com/catalog/jeremiah-watkins-family-reunion/ Follow Mark Normand @mark normand https://stereo.com/marknormand Jeremiah Watkins: @jeremiahstandup https://stereo.com/jeremiahstandup This podcast is brought to you by Stereo. Created by Jeremiah Wonders, Stereo Creator. 18+ Edited by Evan O'Lear Animation by: Jeremy Sanchez @ghosttoast_toons Michael Carrington @mikethemicycle (insta) Neka Schultz @nekaschultz (insta) With Music by: @findmeasubmarine findmeasubmarine.bandcamp.com Poster art: @theartofgettingup AUDIO & VIDEO RELEASED MONDAYS AT: youtube.com/jeremiahwatkins www.jeremiahwonders.com

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