Jew Talkin’ To Me? Live at Limmud 2020 with Adam Wagner & Rabbi Abby Stein


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Join Jewish Comedians Rachel Creeger and Philip Simon for this bonus episode of their comedy podcast, a chat show about all things Jewish, produced by Russell Balkind. Recorded live (via Zoom) at Limmud 2020 the guests are UK Human Rights barrister and legal commentator Adam Wagner, and rabbi, author and activist Abby Stein.

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Adam Wagner:

Twitter @AdamWagner1

Instagram @1AdamWagner1

Adam is well-known for his human rights advocacy work. He founded both the multi-award winning human rights charity EachOther and the acclaimed UK Human Rights Blog. He is a sought after legal commentator on social media, television and radio. He set up and hosts the Better Human Podcast.

Rabbi Abby Stein:

Twitter @AbbyChavaStein

Instagram @AbbyChavaStein

Abby Stein is a rabbi, author and activist. She has given speeches around the world on LGBTQ issues in Judaism, antisemitism, and more. Her book, Becoming Eve, was published in 2019. In 2020 she was named by Prospect Magazine 1 of The World's Top 50 Thinkers, and by The Forward, as one of their Forward 50 most influential American Jews.


*This episode was recorded under lockdown Limmud conditions.

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