Jew Talkin' To Me? With Boyd Hilton and Valerie Landsburg


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Join Jewish Comedians Rachel Creeger and Philip Simon for the first episode of Series 2 of their comedy podcast, a chat show about all things Jewish produced by Russell Balkind. This week’s guests are Boyd Hilton and Valerie Landsburg

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Valerie Landsburg: @VLandsburg


An American actress, television and film director. She is best known for playing Doris Schwartz in the 1982 series “Fame”. She has had recurring roles in “Hotel” and “Dream On”, and appeared in numerous TV series, including “Murder, She Wrote”, “Beverly Hills, 90210”, “Nip/Tuck” and “The Unit”.

She is also a successful film director, including her upcoming movie “Love & Debt” which will hopefully have a UK release soon.

Valerie mentions this video:

Boyd Hilton: @BoydHilton

Boyd is the Entertainment Director of Heat Magazine and Deputy Editor of Pilot TV. He is also the host of hit podcasts Footballistically Arsenal & Pilot TV.


*This episode was recorded under lockdown conditions.

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