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Join Jewish Comedians Rachel Creeger & Philip Simon for their comedy podcast, a chat show about all things Jewish, produced by Russell Balkind. This week’s guests are actor and comedian Gareth Berliner and CEO of Pink News Benjamin Cohen.

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Gareth Berliner

Twitter: @GarethBerliner

Instagram: @garethberliner

Facebook: Garethberlinercomedian


Gareth is a comedian and actor who has performed all over the world. As a stand up he has performed at some of the most prestigious international festivals as himself, and as his comedy creation “Trevor Lewis”. Gareth has become well known as an actor having played “Macca”, a recurring character in Coronation Street, and appearing in hit TV shows such as Dr Who and Eastenders. He is also a disability and mental health advocate and uses his platform as a performer to promote positive messages.

Together with his wife, actress Kiruna Stamell, Gareth has a production company called and during lockdown they developed, produced and filmed a web series for children which can be found at

Benjamin Cohen

Twitter: @benjamincohen | @PinkNews

Instagram: @benjamincohen | @Pink_News


Benjamin is the founder and CEO of Pink News, the world’s largest LGBT media company. Previously he was the technology correspondent for Channel 4 News, and he still writes for a number of papers. Benjamin is well known for being one of the youngest ever directors of a public company, setting up his first at the age of only 16! He is involved with a number of charities offering support around mental health and LGBT awareness, and was behind the Out4Marriage political campaign in response to the government’s consultation on the legalisation of equal marriage.

Most recently, Benjamin attracted a huge amount of attention when he was invited onto BBC Politics Live where a panel of non Jewish politicians were discussing the question “are Jews an ethnic minority?”


*This episode was recorded under lockdown conditions.

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