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Join Jewish comedians Rachel Creeger and Philip Simon for Episode 3 of their comedy podcast, a chat show about all things Jewish produced by Russell Balkind. This week’s guests are singer and comedian Sooz Kempner and rapper and comedian Joe Jacobs.

Sooz Kempner: @SoozUK

Sooz did her very first stand-up gig in 2009. In April 2010 she entered the Musical Comedy Awards and was named Best Newcomer. 2010 also marked her graduation from the Royal Academy of Music. In 2012 Sooz won the Variety Award at the Funny Women Awards.

Sooz made her Edinburgh debut in August 2014 with Defying Gravity. She has been back every year since with shows including “Character Activist”, “Queen”, “A Bit Of A Character”, “Sooz On Film” and “Super Sonic 90s Kid” and “Mega Drive”

Outside comedy Sooz performs in musical theatre, most recently as David Cameron, Angela Merkel and Theresa May in Jonny Woo's All-Star Brexit Cabaret, co-written with Richard Thomas (Jerry Springer the Opera) which practically sold out its entire run at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe, received excellent reviews from The Guardian, The Scotsman and more and went on to sell out its run at the Soho Theatre.

In June 2019 a tweet thread about a singing contract in Ayia Napa years ago somehow went viral and was retweeted by celebrities including Caitlin Moran, Jay Rayner, James Corden and Ed Miliband. Not sure what to make of that? See for yourself HERE

Catch up with Sooz’s internet sensation Eastenders: Lockdown HERE

Check out Sooz’s recent “reply guy” thread HERE

Joe Jacobs: @JesterJacobs

Joe Jacobs is a London based comedian, rapper and writer. Since 2012, he has performed nationally and internationally, sharing bills with acts including Bill Burr, Stewart Lee and Mr. Motivator.

His live shows effortlessly flit between hip hop and comedy and he’s been seen/heard on Channel 4, BBC Radio 4, BBC 6 Music, Radio 1XTRA, plus gained millions of viral video views online. In addition to stand up, as solo artist Jester Jacobs, he’s put out music since his debut Mental Disorder in 2008.

In 2017, Joe took “Ripe” to the Edinburgh Fringe where it received critical acclaim. In 2019, he returned with “Grimefulness”.

Joe has recently appeared on Channel 4’s stand up show Harry Hill’s ClubNite.

Check out his two raps mentioned in the show:

Everyone’s Vanessa Feltzing

Pat Butcher Rap Dedication RIP


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*This episode was recorded under lockdown conditions.

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