Jew Talkin’ To Me? With Vivien Goldman and Toby Mott


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Join Jewish Comedians Rachel Creeger and Philip Simon for Episode 13 of their comedy podcast, a chat show about all things Jewish, produced by Russell Balkind. This week’s guests are Vivien Goldman and Toby Mott.

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Vivien Goldman:

Twitter @PunkProfessor

Insta @viviengoldmanforreal

Vivien is a writer, musician and teacher, best known as the Punk Professor. She was Bob Marley’s first UK publicist and worked with him and the Wailers, eventually writing “The Book Of Exodus - The Making and Meaning of Bob Marley & the Wailers' Album of the Century”. She is also the author of many other books, including the biography of Kid Creole and the award winning “Revenge Of The She Punks”. She was a member of The Flying Lizards and Chantage, and her greatest hits album, Resolutionary, was released in 2016.

Toby Mott:

Twitter @CulturalTraffic

Instagram @culturaltraffic

Toby is a British artist, designer and sometime Punk historian known for his work with the Grey Organisation, an artists' collective that was active in the 1980s, for being a founder member of the infamous Anarchist Street Army and for his fashion brand Toby Pimlico. More recently he has become known for his Mott Collection, an archive of UK punk rock and political ephemera, and the Cultural Traffic Arts Project.


*This episode was recorded under lockdown conditions.

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