Bitcoin Boot Camp Part One


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It seems every few years or so we're due for a bit of bitcoin bootcamp!

So this weekend we're joined once again by Dan Roberts, senior writer at Yahoo Finance and a total crypto geek who has been covering the wild ride from the beginning.

Bitcoin (BTC) started 2020 at $7,200. It ended the year at nearly $30,000, up 296%.

The surge continued full-steam into 2021. It took bitcoin 10 years in existence to reach $20,000 on most exchanges, on Dec. 15.

Then it took just 17 days to reach $30,000.Bitcoin broke through $30,000 for the first time on Jan. 2, then climbed to $32,000 just hours later. On Jan. 5, it broke $35,000, and on Jan. 7, it hit $40,000. Now it's regularly hitting $50,000.

Crazy, right? Before you decide to dip your toes in the bitcoin waters, please do yourself a favor and first listen to these episodes with Dan.

As I like to say, proceed with caution!

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