#321 Dr. Beau Hightower on Chiropractic Criticism, Top 3 Longevity "Difference Makers" & More!


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This week Joe is joined by Dr. Beau Hightower - The "YouTube Famous" Chiropractor to UFC Fighters, WWE Wrestlers, and Athletes/Celebrities From Across the Globe! Highlights from their conversation include: How/Why Dr. Beau's videos began going viral; The traditional "business model" of chiropractic and how Beau's practice is different; Misconceptions surrounding chiropractic; The 3 different types of chiropractors; Responding to Joe Rogan's criticism of chiropractic; The importance of nuance & moderation [in all fields]; Does "cracking" your neck and/or knuckles cause arthritis?; Safety/effectiveness of high velocity spinal decompression/adjustments; Dr. Beau's Big 3 longevity "difference makers"...and Much More! *For Show Notes & Timestamps visit www.IndustrialStrengthShow.com.

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