#215 Self Indulged


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Cash is sick. Neil is sick. Which means it’s 100% Jonah this week. And it’s really cool. Jonah takes us through his musical journey from birth to current day (not death.)


"Home Alone" by The Yer-Outs

"Hardcore Jam" by 36Chambers

"It's Called Baby" by Quarterhead

"Meet Me at Home Depot" by Jonah Ray

"I’m OK, You’re OK, We’re Rad." by Jonah Ray feat. Lauren Christ

"I Don't Wanna Hear About It (She Bought Me A Bike)" by Jonah Ray

"For Mom's Bday" by Jonah Ray

"Jonah Ray BarBQuay" by Jonah Ray

"Storm of the Century" by Jonah Ray feat. Lauren Christ

"(For Sam Brown) S.A.M. Bro W.N." by Jonah Ray

"No Sunner" by Jonah Ray

"Chopper (Sick Balls)" Jonah Ray feat. Allie Goertz

"Shredding" by Pressers

"Breaking Through The Gray" by Jonah Ray and Cyrus Ghahremani

"Babyman" by Jonah Ray

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