#247 E of Eels Returns


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Sup, brahs. This week, Mark Everett AKA E from Eels AKA Neil D. Mahoney’s foil joins us. We talk his new album Earth to Dora, listen to the hardcore version of the "BBQ Beer Freedom" guy, and Mark walks us through his adorable home version of Take Your Kid to Work Day.

Stay tuned to the end of the podcast as we have some updates on when our new release day will be each week and a very cool new project from your friends over at Jonah’s house.

And a special dedication to EtherJon, longtime listener and Twitter fan/friend/antagonist. Stay safe all of you and stop looking at screens, Jon.


"Are We Alright Again" by Eels

"Stay There" by Mourn

"Too Rich To Die" by Somerset Thrower


Buy or stream the new Eels album Earth to Dora

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