November 19 - Hilary Barry, Your Embarassing Parent Stories, Big News Small Town


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Kia Ora! It was the NZ TV awards last night, and although Dr Ashley Bloomfield was nominated for personality of the year, he then pulled out and instead Hilary Barry from TVNZ's Seven Sharp won, still just as deserving though! We caught up with Hilz Baz about her night and her win, and her apparent love of the bar. We also discussed how Matthew McConaughey's mum openly talked about the fact that her husband (Matthew's dad) passed away while making love to her, but she discussed this in an interview while Matthew sat next to her looking as embarrassed as ever. So we asked you guys, what is the one embarrassing story your parents always bring up around you, that makes you want to sink into a hole...?! Finally, Ben told a hilarious yarn about what his friend accidentally did with his mother-in-law, so hilarious, and we discovered Ben may have a skeleton in the closet about his own mother-in-law too! Enjoy.

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