January 2016, episode 61


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The lead article is Dr. Grace Rozycki’s Presidential Address entitled “A legacy of caring”. Dr. Rozycki provides a unique resource of fundamental concepts that summarize what the older generation; aka, the dinosaurs, would convey to the newer generation for their success in pursuing a fulfilling career. The ensuing paper is the Fitts Oration by Dr. Peggy Knudson who provides a comprehensive and compelling overview of the critical need to establish an enduring collaborative relationship between military and civilian trauma communities. Dr. Ronald Tesoriero and colleagues from the Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore undertook a retrospective review of patients with pelvic fractures who underwent angiography over ten years ending in 2012 to determine its current role in the acute management of life-threatening pelvic hemorrhage. In a related paper, Dr. Jeremy Juern and colleagues from the Medical College of Wisconsin performed a retrospective review to determine the role of CT contrast extravasation in predicting the need for angioembolization in patients with pelvic fractures. Dr. Christine Leeper et al from the Children’s Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh performed a prospective study of fibrinolysis phenotypes in children.


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