July 2016, episode 55


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Dr. Ernest Moore discusses a roundup of papers first showcased at this year’s Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma annual meeting and published in the July 2016 issue of the Journal. The lead paper appropriately, is the presidential address by Dr. Stanley Kurek. Dr. Kurek provides a timely reflection on the challenges trauma surgeons face in maintaining their resilience. This is followed by the Oriens Lecture delivered by Dr. J. Don Jenkins. Dr. Jenkins offers a cogent perspective on leadership, reviewing the spectrum of leadership styles. Dr. Benjamin Miller et al from Vanderbilt University conducted a retrospective analysis of the impact of administering prehospital packed red cells in their helicopter service. In a related paper, Dr. Mark Yazer and colleagues from the Alleghany General Hospital review their initial ten months experience with transfusing cold-stored uncrossmatched whole blood, i.e., low titer group O positive blood that was leukoreduced with a platelet-sparing filter. Dr. David Jeffcoach et al from the University of Tennessee presented a provocative study on the role of CPR in profound hemorrhagic shock. Dr. Christine Leeper and colleagues from the Children’s Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh performed an analysis of trauma-induced coagulopathy in a pediatric group, i.e. less than the age of 18.


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