JP 17: A Look at Catholic Masculinity on the Autism Spectrum with Andrew Bennett


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In this episode, Andrew Bennet shares with Sha Nacino what autism is, his journey with it, and the advantages and challenges men with autism encounter as they live out their Catholic faith.

Topics covered:

1. What are some truths, myths, and misconceptions about what autism is?

2. What are the advantages and challenges that men with autism face in living out their vocation and role as Catholic men?

3. What barriers have you faced to success in relationships?

4. What can the Church do to support the autistic population and give them the skills to be successful in their roles?

About Sha Nacino

Sha Nacino is a trusted global speaker on gratitude and creativity, an author of 14 books, and the founder & host of the World Gratitude Summit™, the biggest virtual learning event with 15,000+ participants from 49 countries globally. She is currently in her 30s, a happily single woman who desires to be married in God's perfect time. She lives in the Philippines.

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About Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett helps support autism services in the USA as a behavior technician. He finds himself in a unique role in his work - and in the Catholic Church - as a man with autism examining the meaning of authentic Catholic masculinity.

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