JP 7: Chasing the Christ Child: How raising a family taught me to love God in the little things with Dominic de Souza


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In this episode, Dominic de Souza shares with Sha Nacino lessons he learned to love God in the little things as he raised his family.

Topics Covered:

What's the big lesson being in love has taught you?

Why is suffering the path to true love?

What has being a parent taught you about God?

About Sha Nacino

Sha Nacino is a trusted global speaker on gratitude and creativity, an author of 14 books, and the founder & host of the World Gratitude Summit™, the biggest virtual learning event with 15,000+ participants from 49 countries globally. She is currently in her 30s, a happily single woman who desires to be married in God's perfect time. She lives in the Philippines.

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About Dominic de Souza

Dominic is the Founder of SmartCatholics, is a marketer & storyteller. He also geeks out about epics, mystics, science, the angelic, & movies.

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