JP 8: Pursuing Virtue with Jionette Clyde Arawiran


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In this episode, Clyde Arawiran shares with Kenneth Garcia about the importance of growing in virtue and its role in married life.

Topics Covered:

How important are virtues in preparing and being in married life?

What virtues are essential in preparing for marriage? How soon should one start growing in these virtues?

What are some non-negotiables that one looks for in a future partner?

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Sha Nacino is a trusted global speaker on gratitude and creativity, an author of 14 books, and the founder & host of the World Gratitude Summit™, the biggest virtual learning event with 15,000+ participants from 49 countries globally. She is currently in her 30s, a happily single woman who desires to be married in God's perfect time. She lives in the Philippines. Connect with Sha on




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About Clyde Arawiran

Clyde is an English teacher, teaching literature, composition, and creative writing to high school students. She loves cats, reading books, writing, cross-stitching, and looking up at the night sky.

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