I Felt Punished for My Infertility, with Fertility Coach Caryn Rich


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In this episode, Meghan speaks with Caryn Rich, a Fertility Coach who helps women stuck in secondary infertility, miscarriage, and IVF failure. They discuss their personal experiences on the issue and the all-too-common feelings of failure that women experience.
"Her name is Olive, and she's a Miracle," Caryn says of her daughter, who she struggled to conceive for years.
Caryn knows firsthand the pain that women experience when it comes to fertility issues. When she finally got pregnant, Caryn lost one of the two twins she was carrying.
"It's the pain of never knowing, and it sticks with you forever," Meghan says of their experiences.
About Caryn
Caryn Rich is a fertility coach who specializes in secondary infertility, miscarriage and IVF failure. She can be found on Instagram at @carynrich or her website at carynrich.com
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