NBA Restart Night 1 Recap


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On Friday's episode of the Juice Time Podcast, myself and Nick Osen shared a positive conversation following the first night of NBA action down in the Orlando Bubble! We recapped both of the exciting Western Conference matchups from Thursday night. Nick and I were amazed by Brandon Ingram's ability to score the ball at will for the New Orleans Pelicans, as well as the Jazz starting five working together as a unit to squeeze out a two-point victory. Moving forward, we discussed the battle for Los Angeles between the Lakers and Clippers. We marveled at Paul George's offensive performance that allowed the Clippers to hang tight throughout the entire game, as he was able to connect six times from beyond the arc. Ultimately, we recognized that both secondary stars for each team led the way, as Anthony Davis was on a tear scoring the ball while LeBron struggled all night. We were genuinely astonished by the quality basketball performance in both games, as these teams hadn't come together for true competition in four months! As expected, Nick was ecstatic to mention LeBron James coming in the clutch when it mattered most, as he connected on a layup with 12 seconds left in the ball game. Overall, it was a remarkable night in the Association, and we look forward to next week when NFL will be added into the mix of discussion.
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