Top 10 NFL Tight Ends Part 1


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On Tuesday's episode of the Juice Time Podcast, myself and Nick Osen provided the first half of our respective Top 10 NFL Tight Ends lists! Per usual, we somehow managed to have four of the same tight ends within the top five, and they were also ranked in the same order. We both tipped our caps to George Kittle, as he secured the #1 overall ranking for a tight end because of his outstanding catching ability that pairs well with his ever-burning desire to block defensive linemen into the dirt. It was difficult for Nick and I to put Travis Kelce in the #2 spot because he is one of the greatest catching tight ends the game of football has ever seen, but Kittle is a more complete package on the field.
Moving further down the line, we disagreed with one player in the Top Five, and that was my selection of Rob Gronkowski at the #4 spot. He is undoubtedly considered to be the most successful tight end in NFL history, but Nick was convinced that he may have lost a step since taking a season off in 2019. Instead, Nick went with a young buck in Mark Andrews of the Baltimore Ravens, who burst onto the scene last year with 10 touchdowns and impeccable hands. Tune in to find out which tight ends fell into our 3rd and 5th spots, as they are identical selections. We absolutely enjoyed creating these lists, and look forward to sharing Part 2 (Spots 6-10) on Wednesday's episode to round out the tight end position!
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