Top 10 NFL Tight Ends Part 2


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On Wednesday's episode of the Juice Time Podcast, myself and Nick Osen rounded out our Top 10 NFL Tight Ends lists! I provided a mix of younger talent and old heads that still have plenty of juice left in the tank. My favorite selection from picks 6-10 was Greg Olsen of the Seattle Seahawks, as he will create a remarkable connection with QB Russell Wilson. I also paid respect to the newest Cleveland Browns' tight end Austin Hooper because of his tremendous production year after year.
Moving forward, Nick continued the charge of young tight ends with a great deal of potential in the coming seasons. He gave high praise to Evan Engram of the New York Football Giants, and somehow managed to keep Rob Gronkowski from his list entirely. Overall, this was one of our most unique discussions, considering the heavy contrast in players on each list.
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