Dealing with Difficult Clients as a Freelancer with Alejandra Villacis from June 10th Creative Services- Part 1


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Starting freelancing is not coming without any hops. In this episode, Alejandra Villacis from June 10th Creative Services is taking us on her journey: how she started, how difficult it was, what did she learn along her way, and how to deal with difficult clients.

In this episode, you will…

  • Understand the most misconceptions people have about graphic designers
  • Know why she chose to work with social entrepreneurs and what made her exit the corporate world with no plan whatsoever
  • Learn how a transcription job got her repeated graphic design clients
  • Understand her struggles of pricing her service and what was the outcome following that


  • ''What I love about freelancing is that every day is different''
  • ''Without knowing anything about freelancing, anything about taxes, I went to the Chamber of Commerce and started my company and mistakes were made''
  • ''In the first few months, I made close to nothing''
  • ''The most common misconception people have about design is that it's easy''

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