Problem with "Potential"; Centrowitz-Past Present and Prefontaine


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In this week's podcast we look at the leading Irish results from last weekend, before delving into our topic of discussion for this episode: the problem with potential and athlete development. We then go international to the Prefontaine Classic (31:30 into the podcast) with interviews with Matthew Centrowitz, Christian Coleman and Shelby Houlihan. This was the last time the event will be held in the original Hayward Field before it's demolished and rebuilt. Is it really that 'HISTORIC'? 'Centro' reflects on the Asbel Kiprop doping situation along with his favourite memories from Hayward Field. Coleman talks about his hiccups since winning the world indoors while Houlihan talks about her big breakthrough and the gold dust of the Jerry Schumacher/Bowerman Track Club regime. There were plenty of good performances from Irish athletes at home and abroad. Phil Healy was one of the headliners at the AAI Games while the juniors grabbed attention at the IFAM meeting in Oordegem - The women's U20 4x100m relay team set a new national record and Sarah Healy broke the youth 1500m record. This leads into our discussion on potential. Do we keep going back to the source when a talent hits a roadblock? Should we look at athletic scouts and identify those for the long game. It becomes a merry-go-round instead of developing what we have, which would create a consistent path for the next generation. Alternatively we keep going back to the 'talent.'

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