Ask The Experts w/ Scott Hanselman, Wes Bos, Sarah Drasner, Troy Hunt, and Kent C. Dodds Part 1


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Scott Hanselman
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Wes Bos
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Sarah Drasner
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Troy Hunt
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Kent C. Dodds
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Talking Points:

  • Value of Focus
  • Essential Communication
  • Growth Oriented Work Environments
  • Forging Your Own Path

Quotable Quotes:

  • "I think that communicating my accomplishments and other's accomplishments ... helped me advance my career the most." - Kent C. Dodds
  • "When I attach myself to a problem, I don't let go until I solve it." - Sarah Drasner
  • "I'd argue that [communication] is a key skill, even today." - Troy Hunt
  • "I learned a lot [from completing a project]... it was better than reading the docs." - Wes Bos
  • "If you find a [company] where they are encouraging you as a Junior to ask questions [then that will be the best place to grow]." - Scott Hanselman
  • "University helped funnel me in the right direction." - Troy Hunt
  • "[Regarding your career path choices] there really aren't any "wrong" choices." - David Guttman
  • "You need to collaborate with others to get things done." - Sarah Drasner

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