Daniel Winter - Co-Founder & CTO of Salusion


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Talking Points:

  • Aligning Intentions
  • Personal Growth
  • Being Valued As A Professional
  • Synchronizing Skillsets
  • Important Remote Work Traits
  • Organizing Your Worklife
  • Branding Your Skills
  • Researching Your Role

Quotable Quotes:

  • “I look for projects where I can go and create something.” - DW
  • “In the tech world, we should assume that we don’t know everything.” - DW
  • “It’s not only correct, but it’s also healthy to want to improve all the time on a personal level.” - DW
  • “When you understand what you are building your product for, you will put yourself in a better position to do your job.” - DW
  • “The value you provide is business value, not writing lines of code.” - DW
  • “Having people who understand the bigger picture contribute to a better product, a better business environment overall.” - DW
  • “Make yourself known, put yourself out there.” - DW
  • “You have to keep learning, never stop.” - DW
  • “Life isn’t about work, work is about life.” - DW

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