Jim Bumgardner - Senior Engineer at California Office of Digital Innovation


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Talking Points:

  • Jim’s side projects
  • Early programming languages
  • Programming for Disney
  • Managing projects with a team
  • How to utilize frameworks
  • Making projects successful
  • Psychological safety
  • Asking questions as a dev in the workplace

Quotable Quotes:

  • “It was like pure creativity. You could imagine things and then get immediate feedback, that thing you imagined was made real.” - JB
  • “I learned by making mistakes.” - JB
  • “I discovered that fairly early on that every time I wrote a program to do X, I would get super interested in X.” - JB
  • “One of the things I think I learned from Kevin (Jim’s past roommate) was just to be fearless, was just to try things.” - JB
  • “I've seen some things (frameworks) that seem sensible and good that everyone talks about, but they come and go over time.” - JB
  • “I experienced this many times: I'll ask a really obvious, stupid question and I will hear audible sighs around me because the people are relieved that someone finally asked it.” -JB
  • “One thing for sure is if people are afraid to express their opinion, if there's just a lot of head nodding and ascent and not a lot of frank discussion, that's usually a bad sign.” - JB
  • “You don't get very many superpowers as you get older, you mostly lose them, but one of the ones you gain is not giving a f$#%.” - JB

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