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Talking Points:

  • Critical Outlooks For Success
  • Product Focus
  • Focusing On The Customer
  • Extract Value From What You Provide
  • Main Hirable Attribute
  • Selecting Reliable Frameworks
  • Networking As A Junior Dev

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Start with the customer and then work backwards.” - KH
  • “Every engineer should be a product person.” - KH
  • “Are we building an experience that the customer loves and has the desire to use?” - KH
  • “Attitude is 80% [ of why I hire someone ]” - KH
  • “It’s so easy to hate [ new technologies ] so you just need to pull your head back out and see [ from a different angle ].” - KH
  • “Make it work, make it right, make it fast.” - DG
  • “You gotta fall on your face. You have and embrace the failures, because that’s what’s going to teach you.” - KH
  • “I always like to look at ways to amplify ones place on the team.” - KH
  • “You are the average of your surroundings.” - KH
  • “The personal touch [ when it comes to networking ] is just so much more valuable.” - KH
  • “Focus on ways to try harder with more effort [ in networking].” - KH
  • "Everyone can control how hard they work." - KH

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