Lauren Tan - React Data Team Engineer at Facebook


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Talking Points:

  • Assessing Goals
  • Thinking Beyond Code
  • Interviewing Processes
  • Core Skills & Technical Skills
  • Find Right People For A Team
  • Searching For A Job
  • Exciting Tech Developments

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Think more than just about code.” - LT
  • “Your seniority is often correlated to the effect you have outside of just yourself.” -DG
  • “There are different approaches to interviewing and evaluating people.” - LT
  • “I don’t like calling certain skills ‘soft’ skills. I like calling them ‘core’ skills.” - LT
  • “The technical interview is a very artificial process.” - LT
  • “Every manager has a different process to which questions they ask.” - LT
  • “Core skills don’t need to be acquired from having 10 years experience, but rather can be exhibited by junior engineers.” - LT
  • “Technical and Core skills are kind of like left and right shoes. You need both of them.” - DG
  • "Don't copy FANG's interview practices but rather think about the person that your company needs to be successful." - LT

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