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Talking Points:

  • Writing Educational Works
  • Beginner Code Issues
  • Importance of Writing Blog Posts
  • Starting Your Blog Post Habits
  • Qualities of Successful Devs
  • Productivity Habits
  • Evaluating New Technology

Quotable Quotes:

  • “I think my programming career was set back by two years because I couldn’t understand how 0 indexed arrays worked.” - NM
  • “To be meticulous all the way through [ an educational book ] is a lot of work.” - NM
  • “When you just learned something is the best time to write about it.” - NM
  • “Take notes, your notes become the foundation for a very successful blog post.” - NM
  • “The reason that you write or blog is so that you can meet other people.” - NM
  • “One of the biggest things [ of successful devs ] is that they don’t trip over small roadblocks and just give up.” - NM
  • “Everything becomes more interesting the closer you look at it.” - NM
  • “When you learn new stuff [ programming ] gets easier.” - NM

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