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Talking Points:

  • Communicating well
  • The cycle of learning new things
  • When to prioritize performance
  • Clean code
  • Empathy for the user

Quotable Quotes:

  • “This is a new challenge and it's hard. It becomes a lot shorter. - P
  • “I think people optimize for what's going to look pretty...vs. what's going to look like a real instrument” - P
  • “You're still keeping performance in mind, but you're not being hyper about it.” - P
  • “There's also the speed of how the user perceives it. The perception of speed.” - P
  • “Sometimes going too hard in the weeds makes code pretty gnarly.” - P
  • “...if you make something easier, fundamentally you have exponentially more people doing that.” - P
  • “Kinopio is, I guess, what I like to call a spatial thinking tool for new ideas and hard problems.” - P


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