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Talking Points:

  • Comparison of PhD research vs starting a company
  • Similarity of Entrepreneurship and starting an open source project
  • Authentication vs Authorization
  • The importance of software security
  • The barrier of Information Security
  • Threat Modeling
  • Fun ways to learn more about cybersecurity
  • Constant communication with tech lead

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Research is for 10 years’ time problems, not for today’s problems.” -SS
  • “To be effective at any company of any size, collaboration and cooperation is going to be a huge piece.” - SS
  • “Find something that is missing and go ahead and address it.” -SS
  • “Asking ‘Why?’ a lot, can be very valuable.” - SS
  • “You can never ask too many questions. You can never be too thoughtful about something.” -SS
  • “Err on the side of communication, .... the other person always has less context or information than you assume.” -SS
  • “When in doubt, communicate.” - SS


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