TJ Kinion - Program Manager, Career Services Director, Director of Admissions at LearningFuze


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Talking Points:

  • Take advantage of your soft skills
  • Spot job postings scams
  • Mandatory things to expect in an interview
  • Apply to roles above your skill level
  • Set yourself apart as a junior developer

Quotable Quotes:

  • In the first line [tell me about yourself question], have something that grabs their attention. - TJ
  • You're making these assumptions without actually putting yourself out there and giving yourself a chance. - TJ
  • What the companies don't do is they don't tell job seekers that, we're actually only expecting you to have experience with 30 to 50% of this stuff. - TJ
  • Statistically, you actually only need to hit 50% of the requirements on the job description. - TJ
  • One of the biggest mistakes entry-level people do is they fall into the practice problem loop. - TJ
  • One of my favorite groups for students to go to is Hack for LA. - TJ
  • One of my favorite questions to wrap up an interview you have any hesitations about moving forward with me. - TJ


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