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Talking Points:

  • Finding missing information quickly
  • Not needing permission to pursue ideals
  • Working well with a team
  • Growing through community
  • Not just being a pair of hands

Quotable Quotes:

  • “The worst thing that I think a developer can do is not surround themselves with tons of other developers.” - TB
  • "It [NodeConf] really got me understanding how other programmers work and what they're doing.” - TB
  • "To be a good engineer, you always have to be learning." - TB
  • "Strike a balance, trust yourself. Do what you want and if that fails...try something else again." - TB
  • "Being around people in your industry...it's gonna help you understand the greater picture." - TB
  • “If you're always learning then the older you get, the more things you're going to be comfortable with.” - TB
  • “How to talk to people and meet people, it's totally learnable.” - TB

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