#251: Steve Massey, Co-Founder & CEO of Prewitt Ridge, on Partnering with NASA JPL, His Experience at Techstars, Lessons from His Time at SpaceX and Slingshot Aerospace, and Building Collaboration Software for Deep Tech Teams


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Steve Massey is co-founder and CEO of Prewitt Ridge, which was founded in 2019 to tackle the largest meta-problem in deep tech: systems engineering. They reduce friction in collaborative design efforts by connecting critical data elements between engineering teams and offering git-like tracking of project-wide changes.

Prior to co-founding Prewitt Ridge, Steve was at Slingshot Aerospace for 2 years where he led the development of their real-time edge analytics pipeline working with USAF and defense contractor customers, and 5 years at SpaceX where he acted in a mission management and integration engineer role for multiple early Falcon 9 launches as well as led the avionics build for their Hyperloop pusher project.

Some of the Topics Covered by Steve Massey in this Episode

  • What Prewitt Ridge does and how it got started
  • How Steve and his co-founder, Zeke Brechtel, decided to work together on Prewitt Ridge
  • The timing behind Steve starting Prewitt Ridge
  • How Steve decided on his ideal customer
  • Raising funding for Prewitt Ridge and Steve's experience in Techstars
  • Partnering with NASA JPL
  • How Steve is thinking about customer acquisition for Prewitt Ridge
  • The competitive landscape that Prewitt Ridge is operating in
  • Building the team behind Prewitt Ridge
  • What Steve learned while working at bigger companies like SpaceX and Slingshot Aerospace
  • What the communication is like between Steve and his investors
  • How Steve recharges
  • Where Steve's interest in space came from

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