#258: Ebere Anosike, Founder & CEO of ThankYouKindly, Personalizing and Revolutionizing Corporate Gift-Giving


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Ebere Anosike is the Founder and CEO of ThankYouKindly, a company surprising & delighting your employees, clients, prospects & partners with unforgettable gifts on your behalf, sparking tears of joy with each & every one of them. The ThankYouKindly team is made up of a resourceful group of former Customer Success Directors, Sales Strategists, and Account-Based Marketing Enthusiasts who set out to build the service they always wished they had. Ebere identifies herself as scrappy, joyful, and passionate about AI, creating livelihoods & giving unforgettable gifts.

Some of the Topics Covered by Ebere Anosike in this Episode

  • What led Ebere to found ThankYouKindly and how she originally tested the idea and got the business off the ground
  • The choice to go full time with ThankYouKindly
  • Ebere's experience with Transparent Collective
  • Ebere's fundraising journey with ThankYouKindly
  • ThankYouKindly's business model and determining pricing
  • How Ebere has approached identifying use cases and customer acquisition
  • How the COVID pandemic affected ThankYouKindly
  • How ThankYouKindly personalizes and sources their gifts
  • Building out the ThankYouKindly team and how Ebere views technology and creativity
  • How Ebere's role as founder and CEO has changed with the growth of the company
  • Ebere's advice for scaling yourself and resources for first time founders
  • Ebere's experience with the On Deck Fellowship
  • Ebere's journey to becoming a founder
  • What's next for ThankYouKindly
  • Ebere's most impactful books
  • Ebere's approach to separating her personal and professional lives
  • Ebere's experience as an underrepresented founder

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