Ep. 44 - Chris Irvin, The Ketologist: The Keto Diet and How to Start


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Chris Irvin also known as The Ketologist is a nutrition researcher, writer, and educator. He holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science and is currently the education manager for Perfect Keto. He and Dr. Anthony Gustin wrote the book "Keto Answers."

In this episode we cover:

What is keto? How would you describe it to a lay person?

How do you measure ketones?

Benefits of keto?

Therapeutic for diabetes and Alzheimers

cognitive edge


Macro ratios

Nina Teicholz “Big fat surprise”

How to start keto?


Dangers of keto

Women and low carb

keto and CrossFit

need carbs for muscle gain (cyclic keto?)

exogenous ketones

thoughts on documentary Game Changers?

What are your thoughts on the Impossible Burger?

What books would you recommend most people read?

What are you currently geeking out on?

What’s on your bucket list?

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