Ep. 46 - Chuck Bennington: Coach Like You Mean It


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own your stuff and find a coach

addiction and ownership


pet peeves coaching

role of coach


“it’s not about me, it never was, it never will be”

progressions vs substitutions vs scales

pyramid of caring and tools

lots of caring coaches that can’t make money

“if it’s not a fuck yeah it’s a no!” in terms of being a coach

“they don’t know me, they don’t love me, they don’t trust me”

how to show you care? volunteer hundreds of hours at a middle school PE program

GPP vs. strength + metcon

How to win friends and influence people

thinking fast and slow

atomic habits


conscious coaching

using story brand as a coach

bad experiences at cf gym

franchises - Mcdonald’s Is a franchise - did you have the best burger of your life there? no

selling people on your gym is qualifying them for you or recommending them elsewhere


coaching template

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