Blossom Goodchild Channeling White Cloud


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SEE MORE HERE​ And more of Blossom here....​ What a WONDERFUL time with had with Blossom Goodchild during our Inner Sanctum Online Sessions this month. At the end she channels Whitecloud's message to our group. Enjoy some highlight, and at the end she channels WhiteCloud's message to our group . Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘Direct voice’ channelling medium. She has been channelling the Native American Indian Spirit Energy; ‘White Cloud,’ for around 20 years, and shares his messages of Unconditional Love by means of Readings, Videos and Group Events. Blossom began communicating with ‘The Federation of Light’ in 2005 and their ‘conversations’ are now world renowned. Blossom considers it to be an absolute honour to assist White Cloud and The Federation of Light, in getting their important messages out to as many souls as possible, in order to raise the Vibration of the Planet and all who sail in her. ENJOY SOME HIGHLIGHTS FORM OUR ONLINE SESSIONS JOIN us here ..​ Meet some of the wonderful guests KAren has had on ATP Media and be supported by a tribe of like minded spiritual teachers and seekers. To join our webinar series please subscribe to the Inner Sanctum. When you join you have access to all the recording and each month you can meet KAren and her guests and ask your questions. Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Medium and Channel, KAren helps you align with your Soul's calling. Connect with KAren Swain here​ and download her free report '10 Top Ways to Lasting Happiness'. KAren Swain is a Channel, Mentor, Spiritual Teacher and Way-shower for the expansion of our Powers of Deliberate Creation, invites other teachers and experiencers to ATP Media to expand the conversation of how to evolve human consciousness, expand human potential, overcome adversity, advance human society as we transition to the next evolutionary step in human evolution. Enjoy our conversations. BIG LOVE ksx Appreciate KAren's work on ATP Media Awakening Consciousness? Please support us, you can share your love on this link​. THANK YOU GET THE Awakened By Death BOOK on Amazon HERE​

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