Valerie Barrow Message from Star Nation People


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Get the BOOKS and see more ... Valerie Barrow is a star-lady, one of the 144,000 light-bearers who volunteered to come to Earth to assist in the up grade, or shift in human consciousness. To help Earthlings understand a major evolvement from star beings is taking place on Earth and our journey into a Golden Age. In this conversation we talk about her NDE and soul exchange, walk in, awakening to being a channel for star nation people and an ancient being called ALCHERINGA. Who was a commander on a Plieadian starship which crashed on earth over a million years ago, he came back to earth as an indigenous elder and became a spirit guide who resides around Uluru, and speaks with some of the indigenous elders who over see our world ... Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Medium and Channel, KAren helps you align with your Soul's calling. Connect with KAren Swain here and download her free report '10 Top Ways to Lasting Happiness'. KAren Swain is a Channel, Mentor, Spiritual Teacher and Way-shower for the expansion of our Powers of Deliberate Creation, invites other teachers and experiencers to ATP Media to expand the conversation of how to evolve human consciousness, expand human potential, overcome adversity, advance human society as we transition to the next evolutionary step in human evolution. Enjoy our conversations. BIG LOVE ksx Appreciate KAren's work on ATP Media Awakening Consciousness? Please support us, you can share your love on this link THANK YOU GET THE Awakened By Death BOOK on Amazon HERE SHINE YOUR LIGHT Brightly JOIN US IN THE INNER SANCTUM

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